26 Feb 2013




Blow-Up is an interactive piece wherein a camera which is aimed at the viewer, whose image is then broken up and displayed in a seemingly semi-random fluid display of smaller squares. The overall effect is that of an insect’s compound eye.

The Telegarden



The Telegarden is a piece wherein the audience can participate in the management of a garden via a robot connected to the internet. Users can plant, water and monitor the remote garden through control of an industrial robotic arm. The cooperation of the collective audience is what manages and maintains the garden, which I find very interesting.




‘”Close-up” is the third piece of the ShadowBox series of interactive displays with a built-in computerized tracking system. This piece shows the viewer’s shadow revealing hundreds of tiny videos of other people who have recently looked at the work. When a viewer approaches the piece, the system automatically starts recording and makes a video of him or her. Simultaneously, inside the viewer’s silhouette videos are triggered that show up to 800 recent recordings. This piece presents a schizoid experience where our presence triggers a massive array of surveillance videos.’