Author: Kyna Summary: An app that makes finding the right dog breed easy. Abstract: The app scrapes the web for dog information and relevant images, and compiles them into a database. The GUI, while flawed, is used to narrow parameters to find matching dogs. Repository: [not currently available]

The I Want a Dog app scrapes the web for dog breed information, creates a database of said information, and then scrapes Google images for matching photos. It then compiles the information into the app, and the provided parameters are used to narrow down the available matching dogs. If a dog breed is selected, hitting the I Want This One button opens up a link to a Petfinder search of dogs of the selected breed in local shelters.

dogs-demo from Kyna McIntosh on Vimeo.

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About Kyna

Hello! I'm Kyna, and I'm currently a junior in BCSA. I'm currently interested primarily in game design and software interaction, but I have a longstanding fascination with taxidermy and puppetry.

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