Get in Closer

Author: Nathan Summary: My performance work is a little tense. Get in Closer is a script that punishes those who look away or back up too much from the video. Abstract: Get in Closer is an attempt to make my video work more powerful by creating a more "intimate space". Forcing people to complete the video in one go, no eyes closed or head down. A definite benefit to viewing my work on apprehension. The video shows the participants on their perfect views along with the faces that come them. Repository:

Get in Closer from Nathan Trevino on Vimeo.

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About Nathan

I'm a junior here at Carnegie Mellon University studying Fine Art with concentrations in Sculpture Installation and Site Specific work as well as Electronic Media. I arrived at CMU knowing I wanted to draw and three years later, I'm making sculpture machines and video performance. I love building. I think that physical creation of things is becoming my ultimate form of expression and I am excited to apply that philosophy to a class like IACD.

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