Pitch Tracker

Author: Ziyun Summary: Sound Visualization Abstract: Observe the subtle pitch fluctuations while one's trying to sing at a fixed pitch. Repository:


My original idea was to visualize one’s control of singing voice – specifically, the subtle frequency fluctuation one may have over time although she/he is trying to hold the pitch.

It was interesting to me because I love human voices, I wanted to look into pitch detection technology, and I’ve never done any visual stuff before.


Here’s a patch I built with Max/MSP using the pitch~ MSP external object made by Tristan Jehan.


All the pitch-tracking is being done inside this patch. Amplitude, Frequency and actual pitch values are being sent to Processing via OSC protocol.

There’re two ways of input – (a). sound files pre-loaded in the select menu  (b). Microphone



Yellow: Voice Frequency

Orange: Reference Frequency( 294Hz in this case)

Green: Voice Amplitude





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