Author: Sam Summary: It lives in it's own little 16x16 world. Abstract: Automaton is a cellular automaton based upon Conway's Game of Life that responds to a few external interactions. Repository:

Cellular automata are collections of cells that evolve under simple rules, and can exhibit surprisingly complex structures given convenient initial conditions. Automaton is an modification of Conway’s Game of Life, the original cellular automaton, plus responsiveness to Sifteo touch and tilt sensors.

Carrying this project forward, I would like to add a scoring mechanism for each cube, which would then allow users to compete with each other to have the most cells stabilized on the field. Another direction in which this project could evolve would be an interface to design start patterns for the automaton, which could then be scored in some way.

Automaton was programmed in C++ for Sifteo Cubes. You can check out the source on Github.

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About Sam

Sam Gruber is a junior studying Computer Science and Architecture and the President of the CMU Computer Club. His interests include machine intelligence, realtime graphics demos, and interface design, and he has been sighted both playing in and running tabletop roleplaying games. Sam has experience working with PHP, HTML/CSS, Javascript/Node.js, SML, C/C++ and Linux. He also dabbles in Ruby, Processing, Cinder, Python, and pretty much anything that seems interesting.

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