27 Feb 2013

Computer Vision 

ALT CTRL by Matt Ruby

Excitebike is one of the three projects under a series of works ALT CTRL to experiment with how people interact with different, unfamiliar interfaces in digital systems. The game is controlled by the sound of a user that is detected by a microphone embedded in the helmet. Instead of a normal hand controller, volume is used to control the gas buttons and the frequency is used to change  lanes. The project pushes the users out of their comfort zone, steering away from what is considered the norm.

Cubepix by Xavi’s Lab at Glassworks Barcelona

Cubepix is an interactive and real-time projection mapping installation that combines the use of a projector, a Kinect, 8 Arduino boards, OpenFrameworks, 64 servo motors and 64 cardboard boxes. Users can interact to control the motion and the illumination of the boxes. This is a project I really like because it integrates the use of software and hardware to create something that exemplify simplicity. I also like it partly because I am interested in doing a project on projection mapping. I think it would be really fun to play with.

Fabricate Yourself by Karl D.D. Willis

My fascination with 3D printed objects puts this project on top of my list. The Kinect is used to capture different poses of people, where the depth image is then processed, meshed, and displayed in real-time. The images are saved as SLT files, and printed as a 3×3 cm models with dovetail joins added on the side for pieces to snap together. Ah, it’d be cool to have people do a wave, printed them out in 3D, and line a series of them next to each other around the room.