31 Mar 2013

As a mechanical engineer, I really really want to work with hardware for this final project. I really want to get my hands dirty and machine something. Now that I am a little more familiar with Max/MSP, I am excited to use it for my final project. As someone who loves to explore new places, I was amazed to recently find out that my friend has never been to a lot of places in Pittsburgh even though he’s about to graduate in less than two months. It has never occurred to me that a good number of CMU students live in ‘CMU’ but not in ‘Pittsburgh’. I thinkĀ Pittsburgh has a lot of potential, definitely a perfect city for college students.Ā I have grown to love this city more and more every year, and I want people to feel the same way.

For this final project, I want to make something that maps the different places you go to in this city. I am thinking about making a wall map or a box, carved out a ‘map’ of Pittsburgh (does not have to be the exact map of the city, but shows different places like restaurants/museums/tourist attractions), and install LED lights. A GPS will track a place you have been, and lights will go off at that specific place.

The layout and the details of the map might change, but this is just a general idea of what I want to do. Here are some projects that will help me get started.


One thought on “Patt-Capstone Research

  1. Robb

    I love the direction this is going.
    I am very guilty of living mostly in CMU, though i do occasionally try super hard to adventure outwards.
    I would love a device that reminds me that I live in a city and that my life is a lil unbalanced.
    A nagging object asking why I never go out anymore. It would be nice if you put little gps bugs on all your friends so you could go where they are. It would be identical to a world where people actually use foursquare. I feel like technology has the ability to make a city smaller and more accessible, but rarely actually does so.

    Here is a maybe relevant link:
    The Haptic Compass, built by my crazy haired friend Eric Gradman, is a series of vibrating motors mounted around a belt. The user is able to be guided to a place without overt interaction.

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