07 Apr 2013

My goal is to integrate hardware and software for this project. I recently came back from Beijing, China, and the trip left a footprint on my heart. I really had a great time, and I really want to document it in one way or another. This new idea has not deviate from my original idea of creating a map of Pittsburgh, and a tracking system of where a person has been to in the city. My original idea is to make a map of Pittsburgh, install tons of LED lights behind it, and light them up one by one (or in small groups) as a user visits more places. So the more places a user visits, the brighter the map gets. However, I need to be realistic with the time frame and the skills that I have. Getting the first prototype of the hardware done will take me a lot of time, and I am not entirely sure if it will exemplify the concept I have in mind. For this project, I don’t want to only create a demo — it really has to be a poem of some sort.

I want to create an interactive experience between a user and a map. I am planning on laser cutting a map of Beijing. The goal is for a user to be able to learn more about a specific place in the city, where he can touch (or interact with the map in other ways), and photos or information of the places would show up. I have a collection of photos I took while in Beijing, and I think it will be very memorable to be able to document the trip this way. I have not exactly decided on what types of interaction I would like to do – right now, I am thinking either the Kinect or light sensors. I want to utilize the tools I have learned from the past projects and use them to create something beautiful and meaningful.

Here are some photos from the trip!!