Nastassia Barber

06 Mar 2014

1. Augmented Reality Sandbox

For my project, I really want to do something that is tactile, and also utilizes something like a kinect to make this tactile experience feel new.  I like this project because it utilizes real sand, but makes the processes of building hills and valleys with the sand all the more magical because it projects a topographic map onto the sand.  I think the simplicity of these piece makes it all the more beautiful.

2. Murmur

This piece also adds a new dimension to a common experience– speaking.  When you make sounds, it translates them into light ripples on the far wall.  I like that this is meant to imitate sound waves, which already exist but are invisible until replicated with this project.

3. inFORM

This one isn’t quite as relevant, but I thought I would include it because it’s so interesting.  It’s almost like the reverse of what I want to do– taking some digital input and turning it into an imitation of a tactile experience.  This project consists of a board of 3D “pixels” that move when the user’s hands move, allowing him to remotely pick up and interact with objects.