Spencer Barton

05 Mar 2014

For my final project I am thinking about controlled story telling. The reader will control the pace of a story by dragging a see through display over a map showing the whole setting for the story. As the display is dragged over the map the characters will be animated underneath bringing the story to life.

Imisphyx V : A tabletop novel experience

Imisphyx is a non-linear story where viewers explore conversations between the characters by placing various tiles on the tabletop.

I saw this project last year and remembered it as a nice example of the reader dictating the story. The table-top set-up is also something similar to what I plan to employ and that format was accessible. This story was all about text. I will instead focus around the visual story with audio potentially also included.

Augmented Shadow

This project explore the interaction between multiple people who have control over a scene. There are a number of parameter cubes that set the scene but nothing is illuminated until the light cube is used.

I like the use of a  physical to explore the scene. The display that I plan to use will provide a similar illuminating effect by uncovering the scene underneath. The Augmented Shadow project drew the viewers attention to what was going on in the periphery Рthe shadows Рinstead of focusing in on the light. Using only an led display on my project will lose this effect. The display will be more of a window that focuses attention. It may be wise to include projection as well so as to mitigate some of the window effect.

Ouija board

While not a project, Ouija boards may serve as an interesting new take on the idea of uncovering the unknown. When a user of an Ouija board navigates the planchette around the board they are uncovering secrets. The OLED display presents a similar opportunity. It may be better to focus on the mystery/discovery piece of the display as opposed to the novelty of the technology.