21 Jan 2013

It’s my OpenFrameworks looking outwards project!

A great contribution to the field: iQ font, a font developed by motion-tracking the four corners of a car with an overhead camera, and documenting it as it drifts and swerves in the shapes of all the letters of a font. I love everything about this project. The idea is far-reaching and interesting, the execution is brilliant, and the documentation is interesting and well-done throughout. I whole-heartedly admire this project; the only downside is that the link to download the font seems to be broken.

Quick and dirty project: Subdivide a Tetrahedron to a Sphere. I chose this project just because it was super random. How many people do you know have had the problem where they couldn’t create a sphere when given four corners of a tetrahedron? Never fear! This guy solved it! His documentation is pretty, which also helps his project seem interesting despite the fact that it doesn’t seem to accomplish any major milestones in art or math. A well done quickie.

Three: European Researcher’s Night. This project impressed me primarily because I’m not super sure how OpenFrameworks was involved. European Researcher’s Night is a tabletop surface with small semi-transparent rocks on top (quartz?). Based on where the rocks are located on the circular surface, the surface lights under the rocks glow in different colors, which creates this beautiful and useless tactile experience of moving the rocks around the table and watching the colors change. I would like to see an evolution of this project, maybe incorporating water or a larger surface, but the accomplishments here are worth noting.