21 Jan 2013

Forms (2012) – Memo Akten and Quayola

 This is a project that transform body movement into digital abstract digital visual form as in the description: it explores techniques of extrapolation to sculpt abstract forms, visualizing unseen relationships – power, balance, grace and conflict – between the body and its surroundings. However I feel the best part is that they chose sports videos to study and generate the forms rather than real-time capturing random movement from random passers on the street.

Hand from Above (2009) – Chris O’shea

This is a relatively “old” but very classic installation realized by openFrameworks and OpenCV. I like the playful way he designed the interactions which give people a very strong sense of involvement. I remember the first time I watched it I was kind of mind-blown when seeing passer being picked up and entirely removed from the screen..


Electricity Comes From Other Planets – Marek Bereza, Fred Deakin, Nat Hunter, James Bulley

This is a light&sound interactive project, well done but not impressively but one of the few sound-related projects by openFrameworks.