28 Jan 2013


My Sifteo project ended up being the one that I am most proud of out of the four. I created a small step sequencer and composition system for Sifteo. The starting pitch and tempo are set at compile time, and from then on there is a master cube that will always play the starting pitch on the downbeat. From there you can add up to 7 other cubes into the composition. Adding cubes on top of other cubes will create chords, whereas adding cubes to the sides of other cubes will create melodies. The notes on the other cubes are dependent on the pitch of the cube you are connecting to (the base pitch), the side of the cube you are placing (determines whether to make a Major 2nd, Minor 3rd, Major 3rd, or Perfect 4th using Pythagorean tuning ratios on sine waves), and whether you are adding or subtracting that interval from the current. It’s pretty fun. Unfortunately all the Sifteo cubes in the STUDIO died so I couldn’t test on the hardware for this round of documentation.