25 Feb 2013

Number 1: Obligatory Music Post.

I thought this project (and the other hundreds of similar projects with apps and music) is pretty cool. This wave of software designers is trying to find new intuitive ways to perceive, process, and manipulate music, and this is just one example which looks particularly pretty. That said, I think that coming off a project like my last one where I felt underwhelmed with my results, I think I want to leave music behind for this project. Which brings me to:

Number 2: Wii Remote Finger Tracking

I love Johnny Lee. I think we can all learn from his top notch documentation skills, plus he is very creative with inexpensive resources. While the Wii Remote Finger tracking is not an interactive art piece in its own right, I think I could easily set this up and use it as a resource for my interactive projects, which is why I am showing it here.

And number 3: Non-real-time interaction J.S. Bach – Cello Suite No. 1 – Prelude from Alexander Chen on Vimeo.

It’s a visualization. But it’s also a piece of non-real-time interactive art. The lengths of the strings interact with the pitches in the signal, and the result is a really pretty experience. Maybe without abandoning music altogether I can still make a meaningful piece in the space of my two disciplines, without putting the pressure of composition upon myself (because I am just really really insecure in my ability to compose meaningful music, by hand or algorithmically)