25 Feb 2013


Simple, elegant, analogue interaction.  I was amazed by the fact that morphing of the structures was actually thousands of papers.


a. Using analogue materials to mimic digitalization process;

b. Even the most common and ordinary material can make extraordinaries. – do we really need high technology?

c. This could be seen as a reverse and dynamic version of 3D printing.


{ L.S.D+LIGHT SEQUENCER – Benjamin Gaulon}

Using light-dependent resistor to receive the brightness of the screen as input to control the sound wave parameters.

A few things that worth thinking:

a. this might not be as interesting if is not done with analogue;

b. sound-visual connection isn’t clear enough;

c. the ultimate question for sonification: how to make the sound appreciable and beautiful and less randomness sounding.


{Voice Array – Rafeal Lozano-Hemme}

Poetic. I love it that the waveform is not always there, but you could see and hear it grow along timeline.

Light and space is immersive, but I wonder how the sound space was set-up, surround would definitely be a plus.