06 Mar 2013

So for better or for worse, I think one of my greatest sources of inspiration is to learn how to use a new tool and then demonstrate proficiency with it. For my current idea of the interaction project, perhaps two tools. I guess my basic idea is pretty simple – I want to take real objects and put them into video games. Below is my first attempt to do so – a depth map of my body sitting in chair which I was able to import into Unity via the RGBD system.


Here is the image in the intermediate steps, perhaps you can see it better this way:


So we are a long way away from good-looking representation, much less the possibility of recombining depth maps to get true 3d objects in Unity (an idea), but I really want to become more proficient in Unity as well as spending some time with RGBD, so I like the idea of playing around and seeing what I can make possible in a space which is (to my knowledge) very unexplored.


Definitely a question on my mind. The super-cool idea I have is to use RGBD and augmented reality to allow me to create levels for a video game with the objects around my house, recording the 3D surfaces and assigning spawn points/enemy locations/other stuff based on AR symbols which I can put in the scene. The result could be this hopefully cool and creative hybridization of tabletop and video games, allowing users to create their worlds and then play them.

I’m also curious to see who shoots the first sex tape in RGBD, but I don’t think I want to be that guy.