Looking outwards – Final Project

1. A new AR platform is desperately needed.

So I will likely be using Vuforia – Qualcomm’s AR platform. After talking with the lead developer at BigPlayAR, it seems like Vuforia is the clear winner, allowing me to work in Unity or in their own environment.

2. I will also be wrapping up some loose ends with the Processing implementation.


As Golan helped me discover, getting RGBD to work in Processing is a project that the community is just now tackling, so I likely will be forking this guy’s repo and pull requesting to create one dynamite implementation!


Geography-specific AR:


AR Card Game:
This video autoplays so I made a link to it instead

Whimsical augmentation of a physical space:

Reinterpreting architecture from the perspective of the fantastic:

Another geo-augmentation

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