01 Apr 2013

###Hydrophobic Material As Art? 

I got the inspiration from this TED talk that we may use any material to make artwork. This can be extended to hydrophobic material, fire, water, electricity, magnetics, etc.


###basil.js – Computational and generative design using Adobe InDesign

basil.js is a scripting library that has been developed at the Visual Communication Institute at The Basel School of Design during the last nine months and is now made public as open-source. Based on the principles of “Processing”, basil.js allows designers and artists to individually expand the possibilities of Adobe InDesign in order to create complex projects in data visualization and generative design.

This inspired me since I may generate art around certain texts and images. However, the art is limited by Adobe software, and I may expand it to browser based application which is much more scalable.

###Turn Your Favorite Website Into A Playable 3D Maze With World Wide Maze

A rad new game from Google Chrome Experiments synchs up your computer’s Chrome browser with your smartphone to create a multi-platform coordinated 3D maze. The game, called World Wide Maze, turns any website into a playable game where you navigate a ball around a series of courses.

Browser interactions are always my favored projects. Disecting websites into pieces and reframing them is a nice idea. However, the game itself is still lame. There is still a chance to raise the game flow and whole design features.

### PM2.5 in China – Data Visualization

A tech team in China opened PM2.5 api to public in China for the first time. I may generate the first visualization art about PM 2.5 data in China.