08 Apr 2013

I have some papers, that I will scan and put here, but here is some text as well. and here they are!

This project will build upon my previous work with RGBD and Augmented Reality, with a clear vision of a final product and some extra ambitious pieces to justify two people working together.

Our premise is to use RGBD and Augmented Reality to create a window into a fantasy world, or in the words of Golan, “a whimsical augmentation of a physical space.” Whimsical and personal graffiti sans vandalism? This piece that Golan showed me is definitely inspiration:

Another possible source of inspiration from artist Mark Jenkins:

We both discussed what forms this augmentation might take, and realized that we both saw actors performing with a sort of unreal physicality as part of our vision. In order to make that augmentation   be the best it can be (and not necessarily have the Kinect depth mesh distract at times with stretched areas formed from lack of data), we are considering if we can get RGBD toolkit to work with the use of 3 kinects, creating one mesh using data from 3 angles.

An example of a project which uses this is here:

The major challenge is fitting DSLR data onto this newly created mesh. If we can get this to work, our augmented actors would fit better with their space.

So, we take the meshes of a 1-4 second video, load them into Qualcomm’s Vuforia library for augmented reality on a mobile phone, and strategically place them around the space which we are augmenting using either custom markers or (maybe) pictures of the archictecture itself. We’ll see how far we can push the library. It should be cool!