The Big Knob

[ Project with Ziyun ]

In music production studios, artists tend to get overly excited, and they think the engineer can fix even the largest musical mistakes.

So every single time this happens, (which happens a lot and in every studio), engineers shout this sentence with passion, “Don’t worry, it’ll sound better in Mastering”

In mastering studios, when musicians are presented with multiple mastered options, they tend to pick the loudest and the ugliest master, which would in reality have peaks, and awful pops and crack sounds,so mastering engineers feel the need to say : “Don’t worry it’ll sound better when printed to CD/Converted to MP3”

In TV / Cinema, this is usually an issue with the Color. Coloring engineers, calm down their clients with the standardized sentence : “Don’t worry it’ll look better after Color” or even more sometimes add : “Don’t worry it’ll look better in broadcast/projection”

So essentially, it’s all about the artist psychology. Almost everyone in the music/videography industry jokes about having a big red button, that fixes the mix/master/color/final. There are even products named after this. (This one is called The Big Knob, by Mackie)

The Big Knob

And sadly, for the most of the part, mastering or color is done using presets. And in these cases, it really is a matter of a couple of buttons being pushed, to make the artist feel better. And we think we can fix this, by actually making that magic button.


One fader, one knob, and one button, that fixes everything.

It’ll be a big Music Tech / Videography Joke, which partly works. The fader and the pot will control most of the parameters (at the same time) and the button will switch it on/off.