22 Jan 2013


I think this is a well thought, and handy framework. For data visualization or for crazy CV projects,
this framework is the ultimate tool / the swiss-pen-knife. Enabling artists to stream cameras from all over the world,
and making it dead-simple to use them in an environment like OF is amazing.
First thing that came to my mind was to use this for generative music from all over the world.



Every once in a while, a new interface like Kinect, or Sifteo lands on artists’ desktops.
And it is a challenge to hack it, and make something useful out of it.
This year, Leap Motion will be released, and yet the ofxAddon is already out, even before the device itself.



Hoping to find an addon for my Emotiv EPOC EEG Headset, I checked the ofxaddons website, and found this.

However, my enthusiasm to use this addon died, right after I saw that it’s an empty github project, with just a readme file.
Challenge accepted. I will be hacking Emotiv EPOC and coding an ofxaddon throughout this semester. I think this will enable artists to use the power of their ‘brains’ in ofx.