05 Feb 2013

Phenomenon: A Confidence of Vertices (2008) // Brandon Morse

Tension, morph and twist under physical constraints of stripped-down architectural forms in a tug-of-war.

I like how the buildings become “alive” when a kinetic force is applied through a network of nodes. This phenomenon in physics seems to create dramatic effects when a (virtual) force influences seemingly ordered constructs. I think the the setup of the piece and the placement of the camera displays the chain of action and reaction of the force on the constructs very well.

Method / technique: Aggregation – Once a Mathematician always an Artist (2006) // Andy Lomas

A fractal growth model to simulate organic natural forms through mathematical rules.

Through “diffusion limited aggregation”, Andy Lomas was inspired by the fractal growth model to create these amazing generative art pieces. I really like how it resembles the corals of the oceans. The black and white rendering creates an ambient of an living organism. I’m very curious about how a simple mathematical rule is able to generate such a complex shape and form. This might be something to look into for my assignment.

Generative Design: Interim Camp (2008) // FIELD

The creation of artificial and abstract worlds.

I really like this experimental film which simulates and creates synthetic spaces and “alien” abstract worlds. Especially, how the environments are constantly changing due to the rendering choices rather than having a smooth render. The camera motion and music complements the spatial design of these abstract worlds in a way in which it creates frightening depths and emptiness.

There’s another wonderful piece from FIELD which simulates the transformation of inspiration into an ocean of color.