22 Jan 2013

ofxGreenScreen by underdoeg


I would like to able to hook up a green screen to a live video feed and replace certain colors with different types of imagery, possibly interactive. It would also be interesting to see if you could select multiple colors to be replaced with different images to create an ad hoc environment on screen.

ofxOpenSteer by underdoeg

link to Github

I’ve always found flocking and steering algorithms to be very interesting and very visually engaging. I think it might be interesting to overlay particles with flocking behaviors onto live video feeds, and enable the predator/prey pathing in such a way that the overlayed particles interact with whatever is currently on camera. Maybe they’ll flee from certain colors or motion or brightness, or maybe they could be attracted to light or motion.

ofxMSAFluid by Memo Akten

live demo

I actually saw this in action in my previous looking outwards post, and I’m glad I stumbled onto the actual add-on! I woould like to find a way to use some sort of touch screen-based fluid system in conjunction with the green screen add-on to project interactive fluids onto solid-colored surfaces. The camera of a tablet or smartphone could be used to view an environment while certain colors are green-screened out to become the interactive surface.