22 Jan 2013

Addon 1: ofxExplodingString
Simple OF addon to quickly make ofTrueType based strings explode in pieces.
Font art, word art, typography work… Fun stuff. In addition, I’m looking for a fairly “easy” ofxAddon, simply because I have never worked with openFrameworks, C++, or Code Blocks. I could do something with this and particles… or maybe just animated text that explodes randomly. Who knows… What about exploding text rain? Now that sounds fun.

Addon 2 ofxParticleSystem
Simple Particle system built in openFrameworks
I love particles, why? I guess it goes back to animating particles in Cinema4D for architecture school… Lots of tiny little pieces, there’s just something about them. I have been working with this addon, it compiles, with what feels like a billion errors… but it’s still compiling! What about particles that are exploding letters from a string? Hm.

Addon 3 ofxMSAPhysics
C++ openFrameworks addon for particle/constraint based physics library with springs, attractors and collision. It uses a very similar api to the traer.physics library for processing to make getting into it as easy as possible. All classes are template based with typedefs for physics in 2D or 3D – Potentially even more dimensions! Demo at www.memo.tv/msaphysics
Physics libraries are fun, I keep thinking of toxiclibs in Processing… alas, I must try something new. I’m thinking it would be fun to use this addon in combination with either the particles system addon or the exploding string addon. Maybe I could have exploding letters that are repulsed by some interactivity, like a mouse click.