06 Mar 2013

Idea 1
So for my project I want to create a game about smooshing and competition. What I am contemplating is a tanglible controller that consists of 2 buttons that you will hit when prompted. It is such a simple ‘button’ based game and I think the buttons will flank your computer (so you can hit with both hands and have to look back and forth). The game would be played in groups of people and the most fun part of the game is that there is a display (probs LCD or something) and will project your score based on speed and accuracy.

I love to encourage social interaction via games because I think we lost something with local gaming along the way.

Idea 2 (maybe 1?)
My original idea was an interactive board game. I had no real concept for the game other than the fact that I wanted to make a board game more “digital and interactive”. I have been making board games for about 5 years now and I really love the idea of building and making a place for people to interact. This game was going to be more Betrayal at House on the Hill or Level 7 in style where every person controls a certain character and you interact with an environment that is the game board.