01 Apr 2013

I am aiming to build a ‘throwing’ machine that will proceded to launch light bulbs at a wall and/or me. If you have seen my main body of work you will understand that I am talking about apprehension, gentleness, aggressiveness, and semi-uncontrollable circumstances. I have been skimming the web for designs of machines that inspire the design and application of my own machine.

I’m looking for a machine that has a sense of ‘crude’ making and a machine that has a ‘fluid’ action.
I’m looking to build a machine that talks about more than the sum of its parts and actions.
I’m looking to do a performance with or a video of this machine working.
I’m looking to put this in my upcoming show as a physical installation with accompanying video.

Oscar Peters

So KANNO yang02

SENSELESS DRAWING BOT #2 from yang02 on Vimeo.