01 Apr 2013

Capstone Brief
I want to design a 3D tangible display for map data visualization usage.

See Through 3D Desktop
by Jinha Lee MSR

Trans of Data
by MIT Sensible City Lab

Geographical Visualization: Where America Lives
by Feilding Cage,31813,1549966,00.htmlScreen Shot 2013-04-01 at 6.02.25 PM

One thought on “Meng-Looking-outwards-Capstone

  1. Michael

    Hmm… here are some interesting questions to consider:
    1) What added value are you trying to achieve through tangibility?
    2) Who are your users?
    3) What map parameters are most important to display?
    4) Are you making something general, or for a specific map?
    5) How will you make sure this is “poetry?”

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