13 Jan 2013

Hey everyone!

I’m Robb. I’m a Junior in Art.

I like making complex gizmos.

Twitter: robbgodshaw (occasional)

GitHub: Robbbb (totally empty)

Website: (not bad)

The Cryoscope is a Tactile Weather Vane.

Instead of reading a weather forecast, the Cryoscope allows you to feel it.

It allows for simple understanding of temperature through your natural ability to determine hot and cold. No more trying to imagine what 35 degrees is.

The metal slab is simply heated or cooled to the desired temperature.

The device has two main modes of operation.

The first is a thermal time shift – The device will convey future temperatures for any location you specify. This allows you to use the Cryoscope as a weather vane in your morning clothing choices.

The second mode is a thermal space shift – The device will convey the current temperature of anywhere you specify. Use this mode to stay connected to your childhood home, or the current city of your significant other. The device has a space mode, where the Cryoscope becomes very cold.

Forgive copypasta. :-)