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Text Free Browsing — Rafaël Rozendaal & Jonas Lund.

textfreebrowsing-400  Text free browsing is Chrome extension that replaces all of the text on a given website with neat white space. It turns busy intricate mazes of infinit information into nearly useless reductions of composition. The exposed forms, without the complications of distracting text, feel like absurd wastes of time. The images of textless sites do not do the project justice. I highly encourage you to install the Chrome Extension to experience the piece.



Tessel – Davidle Tellier

I am taking surprise to mean in awe. This is in the running for the clean  hip, and elegant award. Breathtaking video of the stark panel singing its song to the world.

Tessel is a rectangle of composites divided into dozens of triangles. This mesh is suspended from the ceiling and animated. Several of the panels are outfitted with transducers that allow the surface itself to produce the accompanying musical composition. The music is tied wonderfully to the breath like movements of the panel. Give it a gander, it’s pretty.


The Cloud Machine – Karolina Sobecka

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 10.28.50 PM

The Cloud Machine is a weather balloon mounted cloud seeding platform that allows the user to make their own clouds. Not to sound like an internet snob, but I am inclined to shout fake at this one. If it were real, I would profoundly admire it. If it is real, I feel profoundly foolish for not filing it under profoundly admire. As it stands, I profoundly admire the concept, but am disappointed in being lied to. For the rest of this paragraph, I will discuss it as if it is real.

The Cloud Achine represents elegant use of technology at its finest. Minimal forms, complex technology performing simple, yet improbable feats for the pleasure of humans. I find this to be a truly attractive notion.


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