30 Jan 2013

{20Hz} – by Semiconductor ( Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt )

CARISMA (Canadian Array for Realtime Investigations of Magnetic Activity)

Visualizing the immaterials and invisibles is a fascinating topic. This project turns an scientific data, a radio array captured at 20Hz into audio – “the tweeting and rumbles caused by incoming solar wind”, “a geo-magnetic storm occurring in the Earth’s upper atmosphere”.

They did both data sonification ( which interests me a lot) and sound visualization beautifully.

And the universe, universe, universe…


{Getting Lost} – by Marco Bagni

Not much to do with information, but very very eye-catching “infographically-stylized” animations.


{MTA.me} – by Alexander Chen

An old project in 2011, visualizing the NYC subway system into interactive musical instrument. Turning lines ( the subway routes) to strings is a very intuitive musical thinking. Simple idea but was very nicely done. And I can watch the lines growing for hours..