A 3D Display for Map Data Visualization

Author: Meng Summary: Multi-layer 3D display based on the trick of pepper ghost for multiple purposes. Abstract: Multi-layer 3D display can serve as a layered map data visualization tool, and it can also serve as a 3D theater. The display is I designed as a forest theater. The branches of the tree support the acrylics that is for reflection. Software side, I wrote up two visualization applications for the each purposes – theater display and visualization tool. Repository: https://github.com/mengs/tangible-display-application

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cor7k0Scsi4&w=853&h=480]
The Idea Development - S M L

I code up two data visualization application for the display – the universe and the tangible map
1. The universe
Astronomy is so fascinating for me. When I found out the Astronomy Nexus database, I am very exciting and what to code out the universe in my computer.
Here is the data on Github: https://github.com/astronexus/HYG-Database
For more information: http://www.astronexus.com/node/34

2. The tangible map
Current implementation is mapping flight traffic data on different layer on map.
Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 2.25.45 PM
I am using unfolding library to generate the map, which is a great one with detailed description.
I also tried to generate my own map, but I didn’t use that for the project. It is very interesting to be a cartographer making map with modern technologies.

Further Work
I want to continue develop the tangible map.
1. Firstly solve the current display problems: user cannot get very clear focused view. I want to use FaceOSC to manipulate the view.
2. The map itself is still controlled by the mouse input device. I will develop more tangible and nature interactions.

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This is Meng Shi! I am a tangible interaction design master student. Prior to CMU, I majored in industrial design. I used to design user interface, design and prototype product, make gadgets, and build a formula car in team. Now I want to exploring different interactions using digital media to express my thoughts and emotion.

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