it hurt more than a person

Author: Nathan Summary: A visual narrative of trodden sexuality and heart watching tension. An experiment with apples, machines, and overalls. Abstract: Monitoring my heartbeat via finger mounted pulse sensor and LEDs, the servo ever so carefully holds up the apple and waits to throw it. My ears are full of quite enjoyable sounds and upon arousal (average BPM of a male during intercourse being 125 BPM) the apple is flung onwards toward my body. Repository:

it hurt more than a person from Nathan Trevino on Vimeo.

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About Nathan

I'm a junior here at Carnegie Mellon University studying Fine Art with concentrations in Sculpture Installation and Site Specific work as well as Electronic Media. I arrived at CMU knowing I wanted to draw and three years later, I'm making sculpture machines and video performance. I love building. I think that physical creation of things is becoming my ultimate form of expression and I am excited to apply that philosophy to a class like IACD.

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