Author: Sam Summary: Capturing the activity in the CMU Computer Club machine room. Abstract: Machine System maps the levels of activity across servers in the Computer Club machine room to a stylized representation of a solar system, providing an overall impression of the level of activity across the club's systems. Repository:

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Machine System is a presentation of the activity within the Computer Club machine room. Live statistics are harvested every minute from machines within the room, aggregated in a MongoDB database, and then presented to the viewer using WebGL as a stylized solar system.

Rack shelving units are displayed in red, and their size corresponds to the number of servers (physical and virtual) running on them. Physical servers are displayed in green, virtual servers in blue. For servers, orbital radius corresponds to memory usage, speed to cpu load, and size to disk usage.

To take this project forward, I would like to provide richer interaction with the visualization than the current pan and zoom functionality, and also to find an effective way to present some of the raw data in response to interaction with the visualization.

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About Sam

Sam Gruber is a junior studying Computer Science and Architecture and the President of the CMU Computer Club. His interests include machine intelligence, realtime graphics demos, and interface design, and he has been sighted both playing in and running tabletop roleplaying games. Sam has experience working with PHP, HTML/CSS, Javascript/Node.js, SML, C/C++ and Linux. He also dabbles in Ruby, Processing, Cinder, Python, and pretty much anything that seems interesting.

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