The Dutch Invented Capitalism

Author: Nathan Summary: "The Dutch Invented Capitalism" is an installation based on the peak of the Dutch Tulip Mania in the year 1637. Prices for tulip types and sale prices gives way to a direct comparison between them and us. Abstract: Our economic housing bubble breaks but Dutch did it first. Luxury is defined by having all of the things you don't need bought with money you may or may not have, both today and 400 years ago. Installation Nathan Trevino 2013 Repository:

The Dutch Invented Capitalism from Nathan Trevino on Vimeo.

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About Nathan

I'm a junior here at Carnegie Mellon University studying Fine Art with concentrations in Sculpture Installation and Site Specific work as well as Electronic Media. I arrived at CMU knowing I wanted to draw and three years later, I'm making sculpture machines and video performance. I love building. I think that physical creation of things is becoming my ultimate form of expression and I am excited to apply that philosophy to a class like IACD.

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