24 Feb 2013

Starfield by Lab212

Starfield is an installation that uses the rhythm of a swing to control the projection of a starry sky. OpenFrameworks is used in conjunction with a Kinect and a projection to create the installation. The details of how this is done can be found in this link. I like this application because it is a simple interactive installation that gives a bigger effect. Event though a swinger, with his swinging motion can control the image projected on the wall, it really is gravity that is doing the work – which I find to be a cool concept. This simple activity of swinging allows you to space out in time, which is the same effect of when you look at a sky full of stars. The combination of the two brings the best of both worlds.

The V Motion Project by Assembly

I think this performance is just amazing. This live performance is a work of collaboration between musicians, dancers, programmers, designers and animators. I find the idea of integrating music with interaction really compelling, and they are able to execute it very well. It is the performance that makes me want to learn to how to combine different tools such as a Kinect and AbletonLive to create a similar project. It also heightens my interest in projection mapping.

Floating Forecaster by Richard Harvey

To me, this installation is more of a proof of concept than anything else. It shows an interaction between a physical object, a tool such as an iPhone, and a software (in this case MaxMSP). This reminds me of touchOSC, in which I have recently explored and slowly becoming familiar with. It is a good start, but I think it can be taken further.