24 Feb 2013


Silk is an interactive website that uses mouse movement as a drawing tool to create beautiful textured art. There are several color options as well as symmetry options in composing your piece, and the somewhat-generative music is optional. I find this piece very aesthetically successful.



CLOUD: An Interactive Sculpture Made from 6,000 Light Bulbs from Caitlind r.c. Brown on Vimeo.

This piece is composed of 6,000 lightbulbs, both new and burnt out, and each have a string to pull to toggle whether it is on or off. As an installation, this allows for individuals to come together collectively to experience the piece, and even accomplish goals together (as seen in the video).



I included Way, despite the fact that it’s a game, because I feel like as compared to most games, even multiplayer games, Way has a very unique form of interaction. In the game, you play one of two characters on a split screen. Both of you must pass through your own personal puzzle in order for both of you to advance to the next stage. However, you cannot see all of the solutions to your own puzzle, and must rely on the other player to tell you how to proceed. You cannot type to each other or given any written or verbal communication. The only thing you can do if move your arms and head to make various gestural movements. I think this method of interaction and communication within gaming is relatively novel.

Also it’s from CMU!