06 Mar 2013

I have two ideas for this coming project, both of which has to do with making sound/music.

The first one is to combine the Kinect with abletonLive to create an interactive, real-time performance.

I talked about this video in my LookingOutwards post. I think it’s a great work that combines different tools and brings together different groups of people to create something quite extraordinary. Since I am new to both the Kinect and abletonLive, it will be a chance for me to explore what is possible. For this project, my goal is to learn how to combine the two softwares together to create great music and just something fun to play with.

My second idea is more hands-on. I want to use arduino, conductive materials, and objects you can find around the house such as paper, fabric, plastic, etc..etc.. to make something that can make interesting sound. I have seen tutorials that teach the basics of how this can be done, but I am trying to come up with a new and interesting way to implement it.