Capstone Phase 1 (Proposal)

On Tuesday, March 24th we will have a review of proposals for your capstone project. The class will break into four pods, of approximately 7 students per pod, to discuss your proposals. The discussions will be led by Prof. Aisling Kelliher (Design), Prof. Eddy Man Kim (Architecture), Prof. Heather Kelley (Entertainment Technology), and myself. Each student will be allocated a time slot of 15-20 minutes for the presentation and group-discussion of their proposed project.

The purpose of the group discussions will be to get feedback at the earliest possible opportunity on your proposed concepts. You should expect to present your proposal (5-10) minutes), with a discussion of 10 minutes to follow. And you should expect to participate fully in providing feedback to your peers about their proposals!

It’s great if you can present a working sketch or other code-driven prototype. But even if you’re not there yet, you should be ready to present the research you’ve been doing!

In support of this, there’s naturally a…

Deliverable for Tuesday March 24th

Please write up your proposal in a blog post.

  • This shouldn’t surprise you.
  • Please actually do this. I need to be able to review your project proposals, even if I’m not your pod leader!
  • Write up your proposal. If you still have several competing ideas, write up each of them.
  • Include some kind of illustration (diagram, sketch, etc.) to visually explain your idea(s).
  • Include a 140-character description of what your concept is. If you can’t explain what you’re doing in a tweet, you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • Present links to some of your research (perhaps from your Looking Outwards assignments). Show me that you’ve done some research!
  • Categorize your blog post, CapstoneProposal.