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ChelseaKwong-Most Presidential Words

My project finds the 25 most frequently said words in a select set of presidential speeches from, and compiles the results in a video format. It shows the respective presidents saying those words. I wanted to create something related …

Chelsea Kwong

19 Apr 2016

I am using transcript, audio, and video data from American Rhetoric, a famous speeches database, and aligning the video/audio to the textual transcript. I am still exploring the possibilities of what to do with the results of forced alignment

Chelsea Kwong

05 Apr 2016

I want to experiment with forced aligner and create visualizations for songs and poems, potentially stringing together images for each word matched from the song/poem and creating a music video. Also could use the data gathered from forced aligner to …

Chelsea Kwong

03 Apr 2016

I created a Mega Kanji generator that combines similar meaning kanjis together to form a new kanji, which I have named as “Mega Kanji.” I wanted to do this because coming from a Chinese heritage I had to learn to …

Chelsea Kwong

23 Mar 2016

I am using the handwritten kanji database, it contains svg files of each kanji character. The svg files gives the shape and direction of each stroke in a kanji. This interests me because I read and write Chinese, and …

Chelsea Kwong

05 Mar 2016


I created this project to visualize the colors of tragic events happening in 2015. I handpicked 9 events from 2015 that has a lot of media coverage so I have sufficient data points to draw accurate results: Nepal Earthquake, …

Chelsea Kwong

22 Feb 2016

I want to visualize the colors of places and the emotions experienced at these places. I am inspired by the Flickr Flow project, which calculated the relative proportions of different colors seen in photos taken in each month of …

Chelsea Kwong

16 Feb 2016

This is a generative art program that incorporates a Leap Motion into the generative process. When a user places her hands above the leap motion and makes a key tap motion with any one of her fingers, a small white …

Chelsea Kwong

02 Feb 2016

Le Vent Nous Portera (the wind will cary us) is an interactive installation by Alexander Letcius and Bulat Sharipov. It uses Kinect and TouchDesigner to mirror the audience on a screen, rendering an abstract form of the audience that is …

Chelsea Kwong

01 Feb 2016

I enjoyed the bot that tweets the google maps live location of a police homicide.It is quite an unsettling bot, knowing someone died there, that’s why it is so powerful because it rouses a sense of discomfort and a kind …