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crushed frito chip

10 May 2016

POOPCHAT PRO is a feces-based chatroom in which you are a blob who is literally just talking shit. you can hover over the poops to scry their meaning, and you can drag your blobby body around the board to find …

Zaria Howard

16 Mar 2016

So my project was inspired by my love of legos when I was younger. One thing I was looking around for was a lego building application, I wanted to do something similar and possibly expand on it. When I realized …

Aprameya Mysore

08 Mar 2016

For this assignment, I wanted to explore drawings we create incidentally through our use of what has become a pedestrian interface: the laptop. After doing some research I found that mouse tracking data is collected for a variety of different …

Zachary Rispoli

17 Feb 2016


Wick is a multipurpose creation environment that allows anyone to build a wide range of easily sharable internet games, animations and interactive doohickies – all in the browser.

You can follow the development of Wick on Github.

You can …

Robert Zacharias

17 Feb 2016

I made a drawing machine that takes the pulse of a user as an input.

Drawing with a US Cutter MH871-MK2 pen plotter, the system reads a user’s pulse with a simple, low-cost pulse oximeter via Arduino. There are a …

Safinah Ali

17 Feb 2016

Maze letter: A program that draws mazes of alphabets that the users enters.


I made maze drawings for the English alphabets and used to them to draw a connected maze. The alphabets connect to form one big horizontal maze.


Dan Sakamoto

17 Feb 2016

Zenbot is a zen garden that you can interact with remotely via a desktop application and a robotic arm, which holds a small rake. One or more users at a time can connect to it over a network, raising, lowering, …