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Shouvik Mani

26 Feb 2016

World Cup Visualization Proposal

For my place visualization project, I want to visualize the 2014 World Cup in Brazil using Twitter data. I think long, international tournaments like the World Cup are particularly well-suited to visualizations, especially when combined with …


23 Feb 2016

Here are my ideas for the mapping project:

Visualizing memory

I like the idea of trying to visualize selective memory. I imagine I’d have to use my own memory, quickly gathering as much information about them as I can, but …


ABSTRACT: The “environment” I’d like to visualize for the Map/Environment/Landscape/Visualization project is my own personal head space. Although this location is abstract, I personally regard it very much so as a physical space (as the term “head space” implies). This …

Bo Kim

23 Feb 2016


I’ve been thinking a lot about what “space” can mean and what enforces people to recognize space. I came up with a couple of ideas.

  • The four categories in proxemics (intimate, personal, social, and public space) can be extended

Luca Damasco

23 Feb 2016

For my map assignment, I am intent on mapping the space of the world’s current most popular online game, League of Legends. Rather than create a standard death heat map for the game like this one LoL death heat map

I intend to map …

Dan Sakamoto

23 Feb 2016

I’m interested in mapping number stations: encoded messages broadcast to spies over shortwave radio. There are two levels in which this relates to place: one is the mystery of where each station broadcasts from. For the most part, no …

Akiva Krauthamer

23 Feb 2016

My proposal for project 2 is visual site map. Site maps were a common feature on early website, but have started to fall out of favor. Classically a site map is a tree style diagram that shows the connections between …

Oliver Daids

23 Feb 2016

In general, I’m more interested in mapping the objects in and interaction with a place than the places themselves.  For my project, I intend to use multiple photographs featuring a common, recognizable object to reconstruct a composite 3d environment centered …

Project Ideas: Place

I would like to continue working with the UR5 for this project, stepping up the complexity of movements to create more natural, realistic form. I have begun to research, understand, and model the movement of the human hand and brush …

Chelsea Kwong

22 Feb 2016

I want to visualize the colors of places and the emotions experienced at these places. I am inspired by the Flickr Flow project, which calculated the relative proportions of different colors seen in photos taken in each month of …