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Luca Damasco

11 May 2016

It has been a recent interest of mine to explore the worlds of machine learning and generative text in the context of Art. In particular, I have attempted to devise a system which can automatically generate art reviews and critiques


This project is called (wo)man and is a semi-satirical, semi-useful command line tool designed for people interested in popular feminist issues as well as being a commentary on technology being a male-dominated field.  (wo)man is a set of 6 custom

Shouvik Mani

11 May 2016

Final Project: Semi-Intelligent Image Classification App

The Semi-Intelligent Image Classification App makes it easy for users to train and test their own image classifiers. Let’s say you have a bunch of images that you’d like to categorize based on a …

Jessica Shen

10 May 2016

For my final project, I spent most of my time learning D3 and playing around with the datasets I had, especially the pillbox dataset. From the previous project, I combined the pillbox dataset with a lethal dose dataset to visualize …

Oliver Daids

10 May 2016

Screenshot from 2016-05-10 18-36-40_smallest

For the final project, I wanted to try something similar to the drawing software I did earlier in the semester (this), but spin it more as a self-contained interactive work in itself rather than a tool for making …

Bo Kim

10 May 2016


Inspired from the discussions I had for my previous drawing program project, I decided to develop an application that allows users to put in their own handwriting data and be able to share that with others. I attended …

Dan Moore

10 May 2016


BOX & OSCAR is a character animation study using the STUDIO’s Universal Robotics UR5 and a custom written openFrameworks application.   This semester I have been working more with 3D character animations and this is a continuation of this work.  …