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Experimental Shortwave Radio

The air around us is brimming with activity. In the United States, most bands are dedicated to commercial and government broadcasts, packed with strange uses like radio astronomy or aeronautical mobile satellite. The visualization below goes to show what a …

Erica Lazrus

16 May 2016

For my final project, I decided to continue on my Jewish time visualization. A main shortcoming of the previous version was that there was a disconnect between the circular timeline and the horizontal timeline and this, in combination with …

Aprameya Mysore

14 May 2016

I ended up getting interested in the tSNE grid as a compositional tool. I had to use a python script to grab the color yeast cell images from the database as they did not permit downloads of the false color …

Aprameya Mysore

14 May 2016



We are interested in creating data visualizations exploring how the movement to make pittsburgh more attractive for territorialization by IT/Hi tech companies is a driving force for the displacement of poor minority people.


As an alternate perspective,

Robert Zacharias

11 May 2016

Touchey Facey is an experience for two people which requires them to transgress usual social boundaries: one person touches the other’s face, repeatedly and deliberately, while a Kinect records the exact locations the touches occur in three-dimensional space. The result …

Irene Alvarado :: Peer Work Comments

(Reposting peer works comments as separate post instead of twitter post)

My favorite bot was probably Zach Rispoli’s Post Human Bot. Aesthetically he did a beautiful job getting those body parts to look uncanny yet approachable. The colors really help …

Kevin Karol

10 May 2016

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 10.11.22 AM

For my final project I created a series of Jupiter notebooks which can analyze and interact with marked up plays to provide tools for directors, actors, dramaturges and playwrights.  These applications explore the wide array of easy to automate tasks …

Dan Moore

10 May 2016

For Golan’s large image database assignment I scrapped database of GML tags and generated several TSNE grids of the data.  First I generated all of the GML Tags as 256 by 256 pixel images and ran them through the …