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Aprameya Mysore

03 Apr 2016

I was browsing a variety of twitter bots that seemed somewhat cool, but something about the medium didn’t really compel me that much. The AI twitter bots that interact with people I found to be somewhat cool, such as the …


A drawing project that inspired my drawing program assignment was DadaBot, a gesture controlled drawing robot by David Baus and Alexander Oemisch. Being interested in motion sensing and gesture detection, this robot appealed to me and helped shape my own …

Luca Damasco

16 Feb 2016

Zach Rispoli's

Zach Rispoli’s “Post Human Bot” was a phenomenally clever idea which combined some impressive technical traits with a truly interesting idea. Zach injects his signature style into each and every render his bot produces. Viewing these abstract depictions of bodily …

crushed frito chip

11 Feb 2016

soylent dick by nicole he, katherine pan, and chino kim, is the future. it is the height of interactivity. i hope she gets a few speaking engagements outta this one, because it’s definitely pretty fucked up in the best of …

crushed frito chip

11 Feb 2016

i thought aprameya’s visualization was aesthetically sick because it reminded me of an egg yolk inside of an egg white, or a perfectly cracked egg. it has a calming sensibility to it that makes me want to have a nice …

Shouvik Mani

02 Feb 2016


Elements is a project that depicts four types of energies (hydro, wind, solar, and geological) in an interactive manner. Users can play with the installation and direct the flow of the energies using body gestures.

What I love about …