crushed frito chip

10 May 2016

POOPCHAT PRO┬áis a feces-based chatroom in which you are a blob who is literally just talking shit. you can hover over the poops to scry their meaning, and you can drag your blobby body around the board to find exciting new places to poop. you can only see the poops that you were present for–if someone shits in the woods, does anyone know? the answer is NO. poopchat is nonlinear in nature, ephemeral in practice, and constantly requiring you to flush it all down the drain due to inefficient for-loops.

i was a pretty terrible student this year, probably always. i don’t know how i would extend this particular iteration. if i was cool and hip i would make a 3D version, but we all know i don’t really have the attention span for much. (it would be so sick though, i think i would do lil characters with gross walking cycles and have actual animations of them pooping and stuff) this is maybe the best thing i made all semester, including giant obnoxious paintings and whatever. i don’t know how to be a person that is organized or linear and i think poopchat is most representative of that. it is disorganized and chaotic and easily forgets, just like me.

for some reason i can’t upload images but i have a bunch of those. will probably email you or whatever.