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Christopher Wei

04 May 2016

For my final project, I wanted to string together clips from various movies in interesting ways. To do so, I built a tool that extracts clips from video files using timing data from a matching subtitle file. After extracting the …

Zachary Rispoli

29 Apr 2016

I’ve implanted the worm brain from earlier into five different bodies. The worm is the wind, the surface of the ocean, a teapot, the laws of physics, and time.

Katherine Habeck

27 Apr 2016

For the final project, I developed an associated image sequencer that is explored via a swipe-able web app.
In a past project I built a tool that scrapes Bing for related images. I used to this tool to create the

Luca Damasco

20 Apr 2016

For my final project I’m interested in creating a “critiquing machine”.

In short, I’d like to have interactors upload an image, and my program will return a piece of text which is formatted in the style of a critique or …

Chelsea Kwong

19 Apr 2016

I am using transcript, audio, and video data from American Rhetoric, a famous speeches database, and aligning the video/audio to the textual transcript. I am still exploring the possibilities of what to do with the results of forced alignment

Safinah Ali

07 Apr 2016

For my final project I want to make an interactive game around the concept of privilege.

I want to focus on the lack of realization of privilege: The more we have it, the less we see it. I am inspired …

Kevin Karol

07 Apr 2016

For my mapping project I decided to look at visualizing wifi signals emanating from phones and routers.

I encountered a number of difficulties tracking information from phones as it appears that iOS and Android have significantly increased the obfuscation of …