Gauntlet – bot

Twitter bot @gauntletthrown can be found here.

My Image Bot uses the Voronoi Diagram generator I created utilizing two ofxaddons: ofxVoronoi and ofxGifEncoder.  The ofxVoronoi addon takes in a set of points, and based on those points creates the Voronoi diagram boundaries.  I randomized various aspects of these diagrams including:

  • Number of points
  • Size of points
  • Whether the points were all the same color or different colors
  • Color (within certain bounds to keep the color scheme aesthetically pleasing)
  • Various possible animations using the points

After randomly assigning all these factors, the gif encoder takes a 5 second gif of the animation and posts it to twitter.  My bot definitely falls into Michael Cook’s Imagebot category.  This bot is entirely about simple aesthetics and the mesmerizing factor of these dots being animated.  My inspiration for this bot was Katie Rose Pipkin’s tiny star fields bot.  I liked how simple it was, yet I would definitely follow it because it was so cute.  When showing people my bot, the animation they always laugh at is when all of the dots drop at the same rate at the same time.  It’s almost endearing how awkward it is when all the dots just fall off the page together.   (Bot Github)