Looking Outwards 4 – Interactive Art

One of my favorite works of interactive art that I recently discovered is the work of Madeline Gannon here at CMU is Tactum.  Tactum is a modeling tool that lets you design 3D printed wearables directly on your body.  The video of Tactum in action shows light being projected on her arm, and being able to manipulate the light by touching or interfering with the light in some way.  You can “capture” the design by closing your fist.

I find this particularly interesting because in the past year I have discovered that one of my biggest interests in general is creating fashion and wearables (non-tech wearables) in new and intuitive or unintuitive ways.

I wonder how she could incorporate more degrees of freedom into the designing.  Right now, as cool as it is, there isn’t a huge amount of freedom involved in the design itself.  I would love to see more design freedom incorporated to this project.