20 Jan 2016

2 OF addons: Xsv Conversion

Since the database of hotels we were given to work with was in such an unusual format, I decided to kill 3 birds with one stone: fulfill the 2-addon challenge for The Crucible, familiarize myself with the basics of openFrameworks, and convert the hotels into more useful formats

As it currently stands, my program lacks any GUI, but could, with a little tweaking, be used to convert any ‘X’-separated dataset into .csv and .json formats. The files were created using ofxCsv and ofxJSON, so I recommend using those in openFrameworks.

Now, the part you’re actually here for: you can download the converted hotel databases here. If you have no preference over with file format to use for your openFrameworks project, I recommend Csv. ofxCsv’s interface is a lot easier to pick up and better suited to our kind of work.

code is at

Mapping Projects: Hotels

my generic mapping project was a projection of all the hotels in the world onto a 3D sphere:


code is at

Information Visualization: Hotels

for this assignment, I wanted to chart the hotels located in the most dangerous places against their rating. the result was somewhat barebones, but it did its job:

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Mousing over any square causes a popup to appear that gives a few facts about the hotel it represents.

code is at

Bot Assignment: Tapestry Bot

for my bot assignment, I made a twitter bot that makes use of a large set of images downloaded from flickr. it picks an image at random, then choose the unused image in its available set who bottom best matches the top of the previous image, then repeats.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.55.39 AM

code is at