Jessica Shen

22 Feb 2016

I’m interested in mapping airports and the departures from the airports and the amount of traffic at each time.  I think it’d be interesting to see how they change based on location, time differences, etc.

Along the same lines, I’d love to map the light levels of major cities around the world.  With some cities that have an excess of light, or sleep early, or never sleep, i think there are many possibilities for visualizations.  Another take on this could be activity levels of transit systems.

Another idea would be to map the Senior Design studio.  Capturing the activity and movement within the studio, and possibly the studios of different grade levels could reveal some interesting information.

Overall, I’m interested in looking at time based space information and activity levels.  Of the Three ideas I think I’m most interested in mapping light levels/activity of major cities.  However, I’m not totally sold on any of these ideas.  I think there’s a lot more to be explored.